Plymouth Turf FAQ’s 

What types of turf can I have?

I have two different options for you in regards to your turf. The turf option is weed free and is the best option for a south facing standard garden. The other option is a oura shade turf which is the best for shade and high wear gardens. Between these two turfs it covers all aspects of your garden. 

What time of year can I have my turf laid?

Turf can be laid anytime of the year, the only time turf cannot be laid is in extreme conditions for example, when the ground is frozen or during very hot, dry season. 

How much will my Turf cost?

It’s always best for me to pop round to give you a quote for your new lawn as cost can depend on whether your garden needs cleaning, levelling out and how much top soil will be needed. 

When can I walk on my turf?

I recommend not walking on your turf for a minimum of 4-6 weeks but the longer you leave your turf roots to grow and become established the better the result will be.

Feather Edge Fencing

Picket Fencing

Has your Plymouth Turf got to the point where it needs to be replaced? If your garden has become overgrown and needs new Plymouth turf, I can give your garden a new lease of life by cutting it back and preparing it, ready for the installation of your fresh new lawn. 

If your garden is vey uneven, I can landscape the ground to ensure a level base ready for your New Plymouth turf fitted. 

I supply and fit locally grown quality Plymouth turf. My suppliers use the best grass seed available for different situations. For the majority  of gardens, I offer two different types of turf depending on your requirements.

If you would like a free no-obligation quote for your Plymouth turf to be fitted, please get in touch.

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